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In 2011, when I was news editor for Music Week, 1Xtra invited me along to its playlist meeting. It was at a time when the station – along with sister station Radio 1 – was trying to throw off some of the secrecy of how it put together the playlist and I was the second journalist to be invited along to the meeting.

Three years is a long time in music, of course: music fashions change and staff move on (and whatever did happen to The Bullitts?). But I think a lot of what is in this article remains valid – the relationship the station has with R1, the obsessions with stats, grime versus dubstep (which led to an almighty argument in the meeting, if I remember rightly) and the various concerns over commerciality and artist backgrounds.

 So I’ve reposted it here for you enjoyment or otherwise.

Inside the 1Xtra playlist meeting



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