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Basement Jaxx may well be the most misunderstood act in the history of house music. Nowadays they are probably best known known for their bells, whistles and the kitchen sink take on stadium house, a divisive sound that has taken them to the heights of The Hollywood Bowl but written off their underground acclaim.

And yet trace the duo’s history back — past 2014’s Junto, 2005’s massive-selling The Singles compilation, 2004’s Grammy-winning Kish Kash — and you find a band whose work for their own Atlantic Jaxx label was adored by underground DJs and consumed in dodgy South London pubs; a duo who pioneered a very English take on house, one that added the South American and Jamaican sounds of London to the US deep house template.

You will, in short, find one of the most intriguing and overlooked catalogues in British dance music, one that is ripe for reappraisal, as we pass the 20th anniversary of the duo first bothering the charts with Samba Magic.



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