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Richard D James

The Aphex Twin, aka Richard D James, is nothing if not a mystery to his fans. A – shall we say liberated? – approach to the truth in interviews, combined with a mischievous sense of humour means that rumours abound about the 43-year-old producer and have done so since he first arrived in the public consciousness in 1991 with the first Analogue Bubblebath 12 inch.

Does he drive a tank? Does he write his music by lucid dreaming? And did he really remix a Craig David song “just too annoy him”? We’ll probably never know.

Possibly the biggest tease for his fans, though, is the promise of his unreleased material. James is known for his prodigious work rate which, when coupled to an ambivalent attitude towards actually releasing music (2001 album Drukqs was apparently only released because he left a minidisc player containing most of the tracks on a plane), means that he has hundreds, possibly thousands, of unreleased songs sitting around in the vault.



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